Our Story

The story of Dinkers & Bangers began in 2016 when we decided to merge Mary Ann’s love of Pickleball and Katie’s love of design. Our goal is to create Pickleball-inspired designs that will allow players to express their love of the sport on and off the court. We love coming up with new concepts and are truly thrilled when other players can relate to our designs. We hope to have a little of everything for everyone whether they are a dinker, banger or both!

Dinkers & Bangers United officially launched its website on April 21, 2017 and we haven’t looked back since. We are so grateful to everyone who has supported us, given us a chance, put in a good word, or shared their happiness at discovering our shop. We hope that players and the people who love them can come here and find something that speaks to them. We encourage feedback and we are happy to help our customers find their voice… even if we have to create it just for them. If you have an idea for a design or product, let us know!

Meet the Team

Mary Ann Castine-Sorrell has loved Pickleball since her introduction to the exhilarating sport 7 years ago. Her entrepreneurial spirit and keen marketing mind couldn’t help but notice the lack of variety when it came to products for Pickleball players - and their loved ones looking to buy gifts. She began cataloging fun terms and sayings that she heard and started coining some of her own and the idea for Dinkers & Bangers United developed and expanded into this wonderful Pickleball-centric business.


Katie Jennett-Caska

Katie Jennett-Caska was very pregnant with her third child when Mary Ann dragged her to the Pickleball courts, told her what her vision was and asked her to join her in founding Dinkers & Bangers United. Katie, who owned her own graphic design firm, was eager to leave the somewhat restricted B2B climate for a chance to really have fun designing again. She is eager to continue to learn more about the game that inspires the designs she creates. In the meantime, the simple and strong court shirt graphic she designed has become the international symbol of Pickleball and the #1 most popular shirt in all of Pickleball - now available in many colors and variations, including glitter!