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Rebel Pickleball Paddle by Pro-Lite

Rebel Pickleball Paddle by Pro-Lite

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ProLite’s Rebel PowerSpin is yet another recent composite paddle that seems to be designed for spin and English. With the textured fiberglass-hitting surface, you’ll find the paddle does a fantastic job of grabbing the ball as you play and spinning it with great accuracy.

Another feature that stands out is the extra large (16 inches) hitting surface. It gives you an enormous sweet spot for great control over your spin shot.

The paddle looks great and has a good feel. It is quite noiseless, and you can safely use it in a quiet zone or in your noise-restricted community.

Overall, the medium-weight (7.7-8.1 ounce) paddle can make your pickleball game highly enjoyable. The grip is a comfortable 4 1/4 inches in circumference and measures a perfect 5 inches in length. A highly recommended paddle just a few dollars more than the first two on this list.