Epic AMPED Selkirk Lightweight 2020


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We KNOW you loved the original but Selkirk never stops!  You will notice the improvements - both in touch, durability and yes, even more dynamic and brighter graphics! Something else you will notice - the edge guard adhesion process has also gone to another level to enhance performance stability.

With Polymer Honeycomb Composition and FiberFlex technology, as before, the face of the Epic is a traditional Pickleball paddle shape with a longer handle.

Choose from Sapphire Blue, Amethyst Purple or Selkirk Red.

Choose the right weight range for your best maneuverability.

7.2-7.4 oz 

7.3-7.5 oz

7.4-7.6 oz

7.5-7.7 oz 

7.6-7.8 oz

Get your grip Standard Comfort Grip 4.25",  a Thin Grip at 4" that reduces the weight of your paddle by .02 oz, a groovy Contour Grip that is 4.25 oz or a Double Grip that increases your overall paddle weight by  .04 oz