AMPED Selkirk INVIKTA Lightweight 2020

AMPED Selkirk INVIKTA Lightweight 2020


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An amazing paddle. The Invikta has it all - Amped Fiberflex technology with polycor honeycomb design that is unique to Selkirk.

We KNOW you loved the original but Selkirk never stops!  You will notice the improvements - both in touch, durability and yes, even more dynamic and brighter graphics! Something else you will notice - the edge guard adhesion process has also gone to another level to enhance performance stability.

And there are lots of choices! 

Choose from Sapphire Blue, Amethyst Purple or Selkirk Red.

Choose the right weight range for your best maneuverability.

7.2-7.4 oz 

7.3-7.5 oz

7.4-7.6 oz

7.5-7.7 oz 

7.6-7.8 oz

Get your grip Standard Comfort Grip 4.25",  a Thin Grip at 4" that reduces the weight of your paddle by .02 oz, a groovy Contour Grip that is 4.25 oz or a Double Grip that increases your overall paddle weight by  .04 oz